Their Story

image by Greg Murray Photography

On May 15, 2008, Cleveland based filmmaker – Jeff Theman, visits the founder’s home of the only all “pit bull” rescue in Cleveland – For The Love Of Pits, in an effort to get more information for his documentary started the year prior about dogfighting, as well as meet some of the dogs in their foster care. It was here that Jeff met Preston for the first time and fell head over heels in love with him.

Before he left, Jeff made his intentions known of his plans to adopt Preston. Then, four days later Lakewood City Council proposed a ban on “pit bull” dogs, which delayed the adoption. He immediately changed the topic from dogfighting to breed discrimination, and titled it “Guilty Til Proven Innocent“.

A day or so later, an Ohio State Representative (Tyrone Yates) proposed a “pit bull” ban at the state level, which trumped the existing statewide breed specific law, which already restricted the ownership of dogs labeled “pit bull” since 1987. Since the state law defined “pit bull” dogs as inherently vicious at birth, several municipalities in the Cleveland metropolitan also had long standing bans of the dogs in question. These laws also affected ones ability to obtain insurance or housing with their dog, because of their designation.

After five months of looking, Jeff found a suitable rental property where he was able to finally bring Preston home on October, 4, 2008.

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