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On July 6, 2006, three dogs – including Preston (an estimated one year of age), were taken from an Akron, Ohio home from humane investigators during a drug bust where they were alleged victims of dogfighting. The dogs were then brought to the county humane society where they would stay until the conclusion of the case.

The owners were never charged with animal fighting crimes, just the drug offense(s). This, of course, preceded the Michael Vick case, in a state that had statewide laws restricting the ownership of dogs labeled “pit bull” – otherwise known as breed specific legislation (BSL), during the height of the 1987 “pit bull” hysteria. Dogs like him – and especially ones with his background, were routinely systematically killed in shelters in Ohio and around the country, oftentimes with nobody even knowing. In other words, all odds were against him.

The founder – Shana Klein, of a small small Cleveland-based dog rescue, For the Love of Pits, began visiting and spending time with him soon after he came to the shelter. One day a couple weeks later, the dogs he came in with were euthanized, but Preston’s life was temporarily spared due to being a shelter favorite.

As Shana later stated:
“Then on a Friday (July 28, 2006) I received a phone call – a courtesy call as they called it, that Preston would be euthanized at 4pm. I know I can’t save them all, but I was saving him.”

She then went to the shelter to talk to the director and see if they could delay until the following day, while scurried to find a foster home he could stay. The following morning, Shana went to the shelter and picked him up. He then spent the next two years in the rescue, passing several obedience training courses and achieving his Canine Good Citizen (CGC), before Jeff met him on May 15, 2008 – the day he visited Shana in an attempt to obtain information on dogs labeled “pit bull” and dogfighting for a documentary.

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