Mental Illness

Sometime in mid-2014, for the first time in my life – at the age of 37 years old, I acknowledged my mental health was deteriorating. Actually, by then it had already taken a nosedive, but it was a gradual process to get to that point where I was suffocating in my own despair.I was afraid and unsure how to proceed, and that hopelessness and helplessness culminated into a crippling depression and severe anxiety where it seemingly reached a point of no return with my first attempt at suicide.

There has been progress made to destigmatize mental illness through these last several years, but as a near middle-aged man when I first experienced this debilitating disorder, it was not quite yet socially acceptable to make public, which is likely why it’s often called a silent killer.

This dedicated page on the “Once In A Lifetime” website will be all about mental health.

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