“A Dog Fight” by Thomas Rowlandson 1811

My personal involvement in animal welfare initially started here. After months of researching all forms of animal cruelty in an effort to narrow down a subject matter to base a documentary film on, I woke up on April 25, 2007, turned the television to SportsCenter while preparing breakfast, and breaking news came in that NFL star quarterback, Michael Vick, was suspected of running a dogfighting operation after feds raided his rural Virginia property and found dozens of dogs. On that day, I took that as a sign and began an anti-dogfighting documentary, with an emphasis on the victims…the dogs.

The working title for that project was called “Fighting For Their Lives”, since humans force dogs to fight in this criminal subculture until one is so badly injured that he or she quits or is fatally wounded.

This page on the “Once In A Lifetime” website is dedicated to all things dogfighting, attempting to take a deep dive into this underworld of violence towards (hu)man’s best friend.

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River Fire Films Releases Concept Trailer

My Cleveland-based video production company, River Fire Films, released the concept trailer this week for the upcoming doc-series titled “Once In A Lifetime” (OIAL), giving interested viewers a glimpse of what the 5-6 one hour episode documentary will be once finished. While this doc-series may have officially began production the…

The Defining Moments How I Got Here: The Intro

Over the course of production for this doc-series, I will be writing blog entries pertaining to subtopics the film covers. I’ve shrunk it down to 6 primary categories: Dogfighting; Breed Specific Legislation; the Animal Welfare and Sheltering Systems; the Human-Canine Bond; Racism and Classism; and Mental Illness. If there was…